1. Rules

  • The Den Bosch International Tournament (DBIT) Football U-14 2024 will be played according to the FIFA rules.

2. Tournament format

  • 4 groups of 4 teams in each one of them will be formed (Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D).
  • All teams in the group will play against the other teams of the same group in a qualifying Playoff round.
  • Each game won results in 3 points.
  • Each game tied results in 1 points.
  • Each game lost results in 0 points.
  • If at the end of the Playoff round classification, two or more teams have summed the same number of points, the classification of one or the other team shall be determined in the following manner:
  1. Result of the game between the tied teams. If more than two teams tied, the points of the matches played between them are counted;
  2. Overall goal difference, both in favor and against;
  3. Greater number of goals scored;
  4. The least goals received;
  5. Fair play (fewer cards received. The sum of the cards will be measured the following way: yellow card=1, red card=2);
  6. Tossing a coin.
  • If a match, that needs a result for win or lost, is ended in a draw then penalties are taken by both teams. The amount of penalties in a row are 3 penalties. When necessary after this row penalties are taken by the system A-B-A-B until there is a winner.
  • In the final game the row of penalties is 5 penalties. When necessary after this row penalties are taken by the system A-B-A-B until there is a winner.

4. Tournament program

  • The group stage will be played on the 18th and possibly on the 19th of May 2024.
  • The qualification matches will be played on the 19th of May 2024.
  • The final and the rest of the final classification matches will be played on the 20th of May 2024.

5. Game time

  • The group stage matches, quarter finals and semi finals will be played with a duration of 2 x 20 minutes and a break of 5 minutes between the two parts.
  • The final game will be played with a duration of 2 x 25 minutes and a break of 5 minutes between the two parts.

6. Players information / Substitutions

  • All players must present a valid ID or Passport ultimately before the first match of the tournament via the delegates. They will then be given the accreditation for tournament participants.
  • Each team has a maximum of 22 players for the entire tournament, previously registered.
  • A total of 7 substitutions can be made in each match, with a maximum of two stops and 4 substitutions per stop during the second period. Substitutions may be made at half-time, these do not count as used substitution opportunities.
  • A player who is substituted in a match can be bring on as a substitute again in this match within the other substitution rules mentioned.
  • If the player is expelled with a direct red or two yellow cards then the player is not allowed on the field for the rest of the game.
  • A player, who has been expelled with direct red card or two yellow cards during a match, CAN NOT play at least during the next match, depending on what the Organizing Committee decides.
  • If a player receives 2 yellow cards in the group stage and/or the quarter finals, then the player will be expelled for the next match. The yellow cards will be waived when a team enters the semi finals (or last two final matches of the tournament).

7. Referees

  • All referees and assistant referees will be assigned by the Organizing Committee.

8. Reclamations

  • Any sports claim may be submitted in writing to the Organizing Committee within 30 minutes after the match in question.
  • Claims on arbitration errors cannot modify the outcome of the match.
  • The decision of the Organizing Committee is final and irrevocable.

9. Equipment

  • All the teams must bring both their home and their away kit duly numbered to the tournament.
  • In case of matching uniforms, it will be the visiting team (named in second place) which has to change the kit.
  • Each player will have the same number, on both the home and away kit, and must maintain it throughout the tournament.

10. Required paperwork in each match

  • The delegate of each team must present 45 minutes before the match, the squad of the players for the match. It shall contain the name of the player and the number.
  • No match will start without the field manager having the lists of players.

11. Punctuality

  • All teams must be standing next to the field, at the side of the field manager, at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the match.

12. Staff

  • The goal of the Organizing Committee is that all teams will have a person from the Organizing Committee during the duration of the Tournament at their disposal for whatever they need.

13. Pitches / Material

  • The fields where the games will be taking place:
    FC Den Bosch-stadium De Vliert, pitch 1
    BVV Den Bosch, pitch 4 (and occasionally pitch 1)
  • The tournament will be played with a ball provided by the organization.

14. Trophies

  • Trophies will be awarded at the final ceremony of the tournament which will take place at the end of the tournament, being mandatory the presence of all participating teams.The following trophies will be awarded:
  • Fair Play
  • Best Scorer*
  • Best Goalkeeper
  • Best Player
  • Trophies for all participating teams

*In case of a tie, it will be determined the following manner:
1. Penalty goals will not count;
2. Higher number of goals scored in different matches;

15. Modification

  • Any circumstance that has not been reflected in the regulations is exclusive competence of the Organizing Committee, being their final decision, reserving the right to add, interpret, modify and apply the rules according to their criteria and the needs of the tournament.

16. Information

  • In case of doubts or questions refer to the Organizing Committee of the tournament.
  • The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the missing of (personal) belongings.
  • In situations and circumstances, where the aforementioned rules don’t provide in, the Organizing Committee will decide. The decision of the Organizing Committee is final and irrevocable.


The fields are artificial grass and with dimensions adapted to the regulation of the FIFA Tournament Rules. Within the aforementioned facilities teams will have a changing room available at all matches. Everyone registered for the tournament (players and staff) must have their own health care insurance as well as federal approval by their Federation of football in their country. In each of the venues there is a doctor to treat and evaluate any injuries that may occur. All people registered to participate in the tournament must carry visible accreditation at all times to be able to move through the areas that require this type of ID.