1. Game Duration: Each game will be played in four quarters, each lasting 8 minutes. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, there will be no overtime. Instead, both teams will be awarded one point.
  2. Scoring: A win will award the team 2 points. In the event of a tie, both teams will receive 1 point. A lose will award the team 0 points.
  3. Interval Between Periods: There will be a 2-minute interval between the first and second period (first half) and between the third and fourth period (second half). There will be a 15-minute interval at half-time.
  4. Time-outs: Each team is given one full time-out (60 seconds) and one short time-out (30 seconds) in each half. The time-outs from the first half may not be transferred to the second half. A team may not use more than 1 (full or short) time-out in the last 1 minute of the fourth quarter.
  5. Team Roster: Each team can have a maximum of 14 players on their roster. Five players from each team will be on the court at a time.
  6. Substitutions: Substitutions can be made during any stoppage in play.
  7. Fouls: Players are disqualified if they accumulate 5 personal fouls (technical or personal). Teams are awarded bonus free throws on the opposing team’s 5th team foul in each period and every foul thereafter.
  8. Tie-break: If teams end up with the same number of points at the end of the tournament, the tie-break will be determined by point differential.
  9. Uniforms: Teams must have both a light and dark set of jerseys. The first team listed is the home team and wears the light jerseys.
  10. Jump Ball: The game will begin with a jump ball. Any jump ball situation afterwards will follow the alternating possession rule.
  11. Shot Clock: Teams will have 24 seconds to take a shot. The clock resets to 14 seconds if the ball hits the rim.
  12. Three-Point Line: The three-point line is at a distance of 6.75 meters from the basket.
  13. Equipment: The ball used should be a size 7 for boys, weighing between 567 to 650 g (20.0 to 22.9 oz) and having a circumference within the range of 749 to 780 mm (29.5 to 30.7 in).
  14. Player Conduct and Penalties: FIBA rules apply to all matches. Players not wearing appropriate equipment will be asked to correct it. Necklaces must be removed, and ear piercings must be taped down. Chewing gum is not permitted during matches. Any form of insult, especially those involving racist remarks, will result in the player’s immediate expulsion from the game.
  15. General Rule: For all other aspects not specified in these rules, FIBA rules will apply.