Den Bosch International Tournament

The Den Bosch International Tournament is a unique multi-sport event, hosting not only esports, but also football, field hockey, rugby, and basketball. 2023 marked our inaugural edition, featuring 36 teams from 10 different countries. In 2024, we’re thrilled to introduce rugby and esports to our sports lineup.

Introducing the Den Bosch International Tournament 2024:
A FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Revolution!

The Ultimate Crossover: Where Legends and Dreams Collide

Imagine the thrilling clash of Rugby club The Dukes against PSV Eindhoven, FC Den Bosch vs. the Canada Field Hockey National Team – all in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Now, imagine this happening parallel to a “normal” Den Bosch International Tournament. Welcome to a new era in sports and gaming!

What We’re Proposing: An Unprecedented Virtual Experience

The Den Bosch International Tournament 2024 brings together 64 teams, 48 of which are participating in the physical tournament. We’re crafting an event that connects the virtual and physical worlds in an unprecedented way.

Here’s How We Make It Happen:
  1. A Fusion of Sports and Gaming: 64 teams play a riveting blend of sports disciplines in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, from the comfort of home, promising a tournament like no other.
  2. A Special Connection with the “Normal” Tournament: 48 of the participating teams are also competing in the physical Den Bosch International Tournament, creating a thrilling crossover of real and virtual battles.
  3. A Riveting Tournament Format: From the comfort of home, players will face off from May 18-20, 2024, in two group stages followed by a knockout phase.
  4. A Grand Finale at Stadium De Vliert: The virtual meets the real as the final showdown takes place in the iconic Stadium De Vliert, ensuring a climax like no other.
  5. Prizes Worth Battling For: Soon to be announced prizes for the winners and rewards for runners-up, this tournament offers more than just virtual glory.
The Den Bosch Legacy:

We’re building a tournament that not only celebrates eSports and traditional sports but also fosters community engagement and inclusivity, honoring the vibrant spirit of Den Bosch’s youth and amateur teams.

Will You Join Us in This Pioneering Adventure?

We are calling on partners, teams, and players to champion this extraordinary concept. With the Den Bosch International Tournament 2024, we’re writing a new chapter in sports and gaming history.

With your PlayStation 4 controller in hand and your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team at the ready, the road to Stadium De Vliert begins at home. Join the Den Bosch International Tournament 2024 – where gaming meets reality, and where legends take shape.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Den Bosch International Tournament.