Welcome to ‘s-Hertogenbosch (pronunciation ‘Den Bosch’) and of course a very special welcome to our foreign guests. An ancient city centre full of historic streets and alleys. The most imposing cathedral in the Netherlands, and the raw industrial hotspots around the Tramkade. Brimming with restaurants and cozy cafes, stage for international events and birthplace of painter Hieronymus Bosch. That’s all ‘s-Hertogenbosch!

The versatility of our city is what keeps drawing people in, never failing to impress. It’s a place where sports and hospitality go hand in hand. In addition to the world-famous Indoor Brabant and the international grass tennis tournament Libema Open, we have been and still are the home base of many (inter)national elite sporting events. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting the start of the 1996 Tour de France and the Tour Feminin in 2002, as well as DAVIS and FED Cup tennis matches.

‘s Hertogenbosch connects history and future, business and pleasure, professional and recreational sports. In this historic and modern city, sporting and cultural events give extra color to an already multifaceted city. Look around in the coming days and you can’t miss it. Welcome to the Cultural Capital of the South!

We hope that you can all enjoy sports these days in a pleasant environment where fun and performance come together and unite. We are more than proud to host this wonderful sporting event for talented young people and wish you all the best of luck. Hopefully you get to have a chance to experience one of the many things that make this city so special.

Have a pleasant stay in

Mayor of ‘s-Hertogenbosch

‘s-Hertogenbosch has always been a multifaceted city. From the impressive Sint Jan cathedral and the Binnendieze, to our famous inner city, museums and cultural festivals; it’s a city that thrives on multiple fronts. The same is true for our local sports clubs. We’re proud of the successes of ‘our’ hockeyclub, the resilience of our football club, Heroes Den Bosch’ immaculate aura and the steps that rugbyclub the Dukes continu to take on their wonderful pitch right next to the city wall.

It is also with great pride that we’ve been able to unite these four clubs into one international elite tournament that stands for growth, the love of the game and a representation of our fair city. The Den-Bosch International Tournament is unique in its kind with it’s mixture of different sports in a single weekend, but its goals are widely carried: to unite and play together. I couldn’t be more proud that this international elite tournament is shaping up to be another facet to add to the mix of our diverse city.